Internet training for journalists

Yesterday I went to a seminar at the Centre for Advancing Journalism (where I am studying a Master of Journalism), New Media Entrepreneurs: tales from the trenches. One thing I learned from this experience was that I do appear to have more thorough technical skills and familiarity with internet technologies than even the more tech-friendly journalists and publishers. Some of them have staff or volunteers to help them build websites, some are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and learn Wordpress themselves; many of them said things throughout the day that made me realise there is a need for accessible and comprehensive training in internet technologies for journalists.

I have made initial outlines for a possible series of workshops (introduction to the internet; net security; Wordpress) that I could offer with the help of other geeks (especially for the net security workshop – I have a lot to learn there as well).

If you are a journalist or journalism student, would you be interested in courses like this? What other topics would you want to learn about?